BMW 6-Series Coupe Concept (2010) | Auto Zone Video

[starttext]Auto Zone Video - BMW 6-Series Coupe Concept (2010) design is a stylish and authentic expression of superior sports performance rooted in the company's unique experience in engine and chassis development. The proportions, the aesthetically powerful design language and the flowing lines epitomise the characteristic blend of dynamism and unassailable elegance - a design principle that underpins the BMW 6-Series Coupé Concept as well, though in a modern and innovative interpretation. The concept model is an extremely sporty premium luxury-class 2+2-seater. Taking passion for supreme performance to new levels in the BMW 6-Series range, it is an expression of driving enjoyment at its most exclusive. The low silhouette of the BMW 6-Series Coupé Concept points to the low centre of gravity, which is reflected in agile, surefooted handling. The long bonnet and a passenger cell which is set well back provide advance warning of the Coupé's eager responsiveness and its dynamic power delivery and sprinting performance. The powerful sculpting of the bodywork surfaces, particularly near the rear wheels, gives the concept model an even more athletic appearance, while the roofline in particular, flowing elegantly towards the trailing edge at the rear, is a reminder of the concept's carefully honed aerodynamic qualities.[endtext]


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