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[starttext]Citroen Lacoste Concept (2010) | Auto Zone VideoAuto Zone Video - Along with its bright and breezy approach to life, the convertible Citroen Lacoste Concept (2010) also features taut, muscular and reassuring lines. Compact and robust (at 3.45m long, 1.80m wide, 1.52m high and with a 2.30m wheelbase), the new model expresses faultless expertise in its styling and design. The car's laid-back personality stems from its purity, as evidenced in the body paint in pearlescent white, which is set off by dark blue design motifs and strips underlining the forms of the vehicle. Cabin access couldn't be easier, since the doors have been replaced by broad cut-outs that are in perfect harmony with the body styling. Access to the rear seats is just as easy, with passengers simply jumping onto the rear bench. For transporting luggage or sports equipment, the rear bench slides handily into the boot. The car can also be fitted with specially designed sports equipment, including tennis racquets, golf clubs, skis, a surfboard or a bike, with owners deciding on the theme of their weekends. At the crossroads of motoring, fashion and sport, the Citro├źn Lacoste makes a number of references to all three worlds.The cabin contains countless storage areas for enhanced travelling comfort. The compartments are discreetly located under the dashboard and within the two bench seats - with sliding covers that echo the colour of the upholstery. The seats themselves are overstitched in white cotton, with a weave closely resembling that of a polo shirt - an iconic Lacoste design. Building on this theme, the seatbelt anchorage points have "necklines" like a polo shirt, while the seats are covered in robust, rope-like cotton.[endtext]


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