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[starttext]Ford Focus Sedan (2011) | Auto Zone VideoAuto Zone Video - The number of features offered in each market will vary according to local customer demand and acceptance, although because the full range of technologies has been engineered for the
Ford Focus Sedan (2011), additional features could be made available in the future to meet changing customer requirements. In the European market, this substantial technology investment for the next-generation Ford Focus promises clear leadership in the C-segment, and also offers customers an exciting array of advanced features generally found only in larger and more expensive vehicles. A key innovation in the new Ford Focus is the new Low Speed Safety System, which appears in a Ford vehicle for the first time. The system is designed to help drivers avoid the kind of low speed frontal collisions which are very common in congested urban driving conditions, and operates at speeds below 30 km/h (20 mph). Using a forward facing optical sensor, this system detects objects in front of the car and continuously (50 times per second) calculates the brake force required to avoid a collision. If the system considers that a collision is imminent and the driver is not taking any action, it automatically reduces throttle input and applies the brakes.


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